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Jalaja recently returned from Israel & Palestine were she held the first ever Circlework™ Training for women in the West Bank. Learn more about Circlework™.

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Jalaja's blog reflects her curious, adventurous mind, her warmhearted spirit and her passion for our collective journey of healing, transformation and evolution.

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I believe that when women are healthy, happy and strong, everyone benefits. Men benefit because it allows them to experience true partnership with women. Children benefit from having whole, radiant moms. And last but not least, the planet benefits, which in these times needs us to change the way we relate to it. Earth needs us to become less violent and rapacious, more tender, gentle, caring, tender and receptive—qualities that our society oppresses more vehemently in men than in women.

The way I empower women is threefold. First, I’m the author of five books that celebrate the feminine spirit. Second, I facilitate circles where women’s hearts can blossom into a field of love, where they are supported in discovering themselves, their true desires and callings. And last but not least, I teach them to facilitate their own circles.

Today, Circlework, the method I developed, is being practiced in countries from India and Afghanistan to Israel and Palestine. It has found its way into corporate board rooms and prisons, colleges and hospitals, psychotherapy offices—and, last but not least, into the living rooms of women throughout the US and Canada.

If you are a woman committed to healing herself and her world, I invite you to join our community—a community of wise, powerful, utterly unique women who have reclaimed the circle as their ally in healing, their sacred space, their sanctuary and their place of refuge.

Love and blessings,
Jalaja Bonheim

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